QuickFix Water Resistant


Wall-mounted plaster dispenser with 90 water-proof plasters – especially suited for humid working environments. The plasters are produced in a protective PE-material which still allowes the skin to breathe.

Versatile use where small injuries and scratches may occur. The dispenser can easily be mounted in a stationary workplace. 

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS.


  • Immediate and visible access to plasters
  • Mount the dispenser where the need is the greatest
  • Comfortable, breathable and water-proof plasters, adjust to the movement of the skin
  • Each plaster is packed hygienically and individually, ready for use when pulled from the dispenser
  • Apply with one hand only
  • An empty dispenser is easily detected, refill as needed
  • CE-labelled plasters
  • The dispenser is fitted with a shelf for storage of small objects and can be secured with lock and key
Art. no.Product namePackaging
5511QuickFix Water Resistant plaster refill6 x 45 pcs.
5501QuickFix Water Resistant Plaster dispenser1 pcs.
5507QuickFix Elastic & Water Resistant Plaster dispenser1 pcs.