Plum Premium


Strongly acting and mild hand cleaning paste. Unique composition owing to selected vegetable ingredients that dissolve dirt and lubricates the skin at the same time.

Removes strong and stick oil contamination such as diesel oil, soot-based oil, brake oil and wood preservatives and paint. Light foaming and perfumed provides for a comfortable washing experience.

Ideal for repair shops, craftsmen, etc.

If you experience any inconvenience or undesirable side effects while using the product, please report them to manufacturer Plum Safety ApS.


  • 0.9 % sterile sodium chloride is similar to the eye’s natural fluid
  • Effective eyewash for removal of dust, dirt, and contamination in the eyes
  • Easily manageable bottles
  • Ergonomic eyecups for effective flow
  • DUO eyecup for simultaneous washing of both eyes
  • User-friendly design allows the bottles to be quickly opened with a single hand
  • Disposable bottles; do not reuse
  • CE marked products with 3,5 year expiry date
Art. no.Product namePackaging
0615Premium, 250 ml Tube12 x 250 ml
0618Premium, 1.4l Bag-in-box8 x 1.4l